Oslo Lufthavn Fornebu was closed for good on October 7, 1998.  The world's most efficient airport per square foot is now being redeveloped into resedential and commercial purposes, and today, ten years later - there still is a large part that is undeveloped.  The runways are gone, but some of the old buildings still remain.

These pictures were all taken on the last day.

Checking in for the last flights.

The SAS check-in hall, near the entrance to the international gates.


The last breakfast at 'Boden B'.

'Dearly beloved Fornebu. only 59 years old, you were torn away from us.  You will be greatly missed.'

Some even sponsored music.


The national press was of course present.  The national state radio broadcasted from FBU all day long.

Braathens was on strike and all their flights were cancelled.

The original plans called for Braathens and SAS jointly to close the airport, but instead there was a certain excitement whether this aircraft even would be flown out due to the pilot strike.  It eventually was, flown by a couple of management pilots.

To compensate, they performed one of the best lowpasses of the day.  However, they didn't have any passengers onboard ..

There were several lowpasses that day.  Some more spectacular than others.

Crossair, however, didn't take any chances ...  pansies!

Another nice lowpass.

Undersigned leaving LN-RMY after signing my last loadsheet.  SK1369 to HAU.


Many farewells were taken that day.

Last day at 'Parkering'.  Nissa Nyberget's FBU-anthem was frequently played over the PA system.

Happy/unhappy colleagues (delete as appropriate).

As darkness fell, the crowds started to gather awaiting the last departure.

OY-KGT is being towed from gate 32 to gate 25.

At gate 25, preparations were underway for the last flight.

Boarding has started. 

Boarding complete.


The doors are being closed.

The last pushback.  Everyone are waving their specially issued white handkerchiefs.

Never has so many people witnessed a regular flight to Bergen depart.

Finally .. after takeoff from a runway that mostly resembled an African airstrip, Captain Terje Gorgas and his crew returned for a final lowpass before continuing towards Bergen.

This is what it sounded like the last few minutes

TClip 1 - Clip 2 - Clip 3 - Clip 4 - Clip 5

The last passengers have left, but some thing never change (The headline reads 'Huge losses at DnB' - Norway's biggest bank at the time).




An airport has gone. Mowinckel, 2008 and beyond.