Back by popular demand!

I still haven't gotten around to redesigning these pages, but as a lot of people asked for the site to return, and as the site has had a steady stream of hits even in its 'sleeping period', I am relaunching the 'original' Airliners at Fornebu.

As everyone know, Fornebu closed for good in 1998 after 59 years as Oslo's main airport.  Located 10-15 minutes from downtown by car, it was a popular airport among its users, but not so popular amomg the neighbours who had to live with the noise 16-18 hours per day.  This convenient location was one of the factors that led to its demise, a political game was the other.  I shall not dwell on either here, only present the raw and uncensored pictures from an airport where I spent 18 years of my life, and had a lifetime of good experiences.  Plus a mountain of frustrations, but those are now forgotten.

More or less all of these pictures need to be rescanned, but I hope you will enjoy them more for their historical value than for their photographic quality.

A sunny day in 1998

This is what it looked like from my office window, the last few years.  It was next to the staff restaurant, by the way.

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