Anchorage, Alaska - June 30, 2005 (Bonus Page)

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A few from the last day .. then weather was crappy and I didn't have much time, so this is just a hastily compiled 'bonus page' - you know, sort of like the 'hidden bonus tracks' on your favourite CD.

Found a new location:  The holding point!   As there were a couple of KC-135's parked nearby, I got the impression that the military preferred I found somewhere else to spot ... 

.. but before I left, THIS beauty rolled by!

NW's cargo ramp is a happening place.  I honestly didn't know that they had this many freighters ... 


One I missed previously.

NCA's first 744F .. just delivered.  I saw it land Tuesday, but was unable to get a picture .. 

Eva's MD11 is pretty - no matter the weather!

.. and finally - through the fence at Elmendorf AFB. The reason why I was in Anchorage. Sneak photo only, due to local restrictions.


One / Two / Three / Four / Bonus